A graduate of Karadeniz Technical University Department of Business Administration (1992) and Newport University Department of Behavioural Sciences (2000), Çağlar Çabuk started her career in the personnel department in Samtas Inc. in 1992. In 2008, she has completed the first 16 years of her career as the “Manager of Human Resources” in Standard Bank Plc Turkey Representative and continued her professional work in the area of training and consultancy with her own company.

Çabuk has directed the first centre in the field of mobbing “Mobbing Information, Research and Support Centre,” also being the first project focused specifically on field research in workplace mobbing (systematic bullying and psychological pressure by colleagues). She voluntarily supported mobbing victims within the scope of the project and now provides training and consultancy on prevention of mobbing, also serving as an expert on the subject.

She has worked in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Equal Opportunity of Women and Men Commission meetings in order to inform ministers in charge of “Mobbing Sub-Commission” and still is professional moderator of “The Turkish Grand National Assembly Joint Working Groups”, a Non-Governmental Project.

Çabuk has organised training programs on Human Resources Management and 4 Dimensional Professional Coaching in collaboration with Continuous Education Centres of Okan, Kadir Has, Bilgi and Işık Universities and conducted the monthly “Drop by Drop...” meetings aimed at business professionals and human resources executives.

Together with Bahcesehir University Continuous Education Centre (BAUSEM), she has initiated a corporate social responsibility project in 2014 “4B Young Professionals,” with a target group of professionals.

Çabuk has also delivered human resources management courses at Okan University Vocational School’s Department of Human Resources Management and still continues to provide corporate and public competence development trainings in collaboration with BAUSEM and Haliç University Continuous Education Centre.

Çağlar Çabuk is the author of three books; “Sıfıra Sıfır Elde Var Mobbing” (Zero versus Zero – Carry the Mobbing) which consists of practical information and advice for the victims of Mobbing, “Koçluk ve 4. Boyut” (Coaching and the 4th Dimension) explaining the 4 Dimensional Coaching Model, and “Yumuşak Güç” (The Soft Power).

Çabuk is a member of Turkish Association on Personnel Management (PERYÖN), Turkish Society for Quality (KalDer) and IODA. She has served, between the years 2010 and 2013 as well as 2014 and 2015 as the Chair Person of the Executive Board of Coaching Platform Association (KPD) which she founded in 2010. She has initiated the work for coaching to be recognised as a professional occupation. She has been an organiser, panellist, moderator and speaker in various events, summits and panels of KPD.

She has been EFQM (European Foundation for Quality) Excellence Assessor since December 2014. Çağlar Çabuk continues her activities with her services on training, individual/corporate coaching, the prevention of mobbing, professional coaching, internal mentor training for organisations and professional development.